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Oxygen Concentrator

We are supplier of OxyMed Oxygen Concentrator Mini, Oxymed Concentrator 10lpm Single Port & Double Port, also suppliers Oxygen Concentrator Accessoires - like humidifier bottle, HEPA Filter

Oxygen Kit Accessories

All Oxygen Cylinder kit related accessories like Humidifer Bottle, Oxygen Cannula, FA Valve Flow Meter, Oxygen Cylinder Spanner (Oxygen Key) and all fitting accessories for Hospital Oxygen supply.

Oxygen Cylinders

Oxygen Cylinder kit, b type oxygen cylinder, d type oxygen cylinder - Jumbo Oxygen Cylinders, Bed side oxygen cylinders, medical oxygen cylinder, oxygen cylinder for home use, amublance oxygen cylinder,


Capacity of Vacuum Jar (ward vaccum jar) is 600ml.
No, this is only Ward Vacuum Jar, You can Buy Ward vacuum Regulator Separately or Ward Vacuum Jar and Regulator